Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blog friends

In the 5+ years since I started writing here, I have been blessed to meet several blog friends in real life: Leah, Mer, Jamie and Tracy. I've even met up with 3 of those women on more than occasion!

I was able to meet two more blog friends on our recent vacation. First of all, I had lunch with Lisa. She is actually a second cousin of Eric's, but I've gotten to know her through her new blog, and we discovered we have lots of things in common. It was so much fun to meet Lisa for the first time, and here's proof that we survived Michigan's record-breaking heat:

After years of correspondence, it was a real delight to finally meet Katie in person. Katie has become a dear friend. I wrote her not long ago and told her she is one of the most encouraging and generous people I'd *never* met. When our travel itinerary took us near Katie's abode, I contacted her to see if we could stop by. In true Katie fashion, she not only opened her home to us for lunch, but made sure to have lots of favorites on hand, and she even sent us off with some treats for the road. It was so great to meet you, Katie! Though our time together was brief, we were so blessed by your hospitality, and it was fun to interact with your sweet kids as well!

I am thrilled to have met so many amazing women on this journey. Hmm--wonder who I'll meet next?!


thehomespunheart said...

Ha! Funny that we posted the same thing today! :) Love that we both got to meet Katie this summer!

Mom said...

Two Odell sisters in one week! Thank you to Katie for her sweet hospitality to my girls and their families! (Katie, if you and your family are ever in Colorado, we'd love to return the favor!)
Thankful for your safe travel and that we got to see you! Love, Mom

Wendi said...

Katie is on my wish list of bloggers I would like to meet. Her sweet spirit shows through her blog. So glad you were able to meet!

Katie said...

Ok, I am completely humbled and in tears over the kind words I've just read here and at your sister's this morning!!! (And it's so Carrie-and-Monica-like to post on the same day and not know it!!! Cute!)

Please trust me ~ the pleasure and privilege of meeting you and your entire family was all ours!!! It was such a fun and unexpected (and much awaited) blessing that I'm grateful to the Lord for! =) So grateful that you thought of me during your 2000+ mile journey! Tickled!

*2 Peter 1:2*

Blessings to a dear friend,

p.s. To Carrie & Monica's Mom ~ thank you for your sweet offer ~ will keep you in mind!!! I keep you in my prayers too. =)Blessings!

Anonymous said...

So happy you got to meet 2 new blog friends, Carrie. I knew you and Monica would be blessed by Katie's sweet hospitality and generous thoughtfulness.
Thank you for sharing. It is so neat that you and Monica shared on the same day. SO great to be with you for a few days...and very thankful for all your safe travel.

Love you, Grandma

Lisa said...

Loved meeting you in person, and it was so fun to discover the many, many things we have in common! As you said, I wish we lived closer!