Friday, September 14, 2012

Pumpkin patch

We recently visited our local pumpkin patch--it is just a few miles from us, and such a fun place for the kids. I was thrilled all 5 of us could go. Naomi's nap schedule, or ahem, lack thereof, makes it tricky to go many places all together!

We brought our fruit and veggie scraps along to feed to the goats and llamas.
Traipsing through the patch
The kids loved petting the cats and rabbits.
Even Naomi got in on the kitty action!
Wow--a really good family photo!

And a bonus shot: my favorite fall scene in our house

After record-breaking heat this summer, it's finally starting to feel like fall around here. Chilly nights and mornings, for sure!


Wendi said...

What a fun outing! I agree that is a great family picture. Thankfully it is cooling down here too. I have been sending a light jacket with Megan each morning.

Have a great weekend!

Mom said...

Great photos of your fall outing! :) That is such a fun place to have so convenient :) -- love you, Mom

Kristin said...

How fun, and fun to see all of you together! Though it is hard to imagine anything "fall" with our current temperature at 100 degrees, I'm glad it is becoming more fall-like there! Very cute decorated table too!

Anonymous said...

Very good photos of your family, Carrie. It looks like such a FUN outing! Pretty day, too!

Love you, Grandma

Carrie said...

I was about to be REALLY surprised about the pumpkin patch but I guess it IS the end of September already, isn't it . . .!?

Hayley said...

Hey friend! Nice lookin' blocks you have there. :) I think I've turned a corner from unbearable to functionable. :) Thanks for the encouragement in the form of friendly note means so much!