Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Final harvest

After hearing the warning of the first frost, Eric and the kids headed over to the community garden to harvest what they could and clean up our plot. They came home with a dozen red tomatoes, a dozen green ones (I'm going to try a trick I read of wrapping them in newspaper to ripen), almost 30 small green peppers, and a few butternut squash. We cut up and froze the peppers, and they will easily last us until next summer. (We've gotten tons of peppers this year!)
We also had a plentiful carrot supply this year, so it's been great having so many--and a couple have been HUGE as Natalie is showing above. I've made quite a few batches of purees for Naomi (apple, pear, peach, carrot, green bean, and squash), mostly using local ingredients! I love the method of freezing them in ice cube trays--such perfect portions, less wasteful, and considerably cheaper and healthier than store-bought. Carrots seem to be her favorite thus far--I thought I had a pic, but will share this funny one right after we started cereal last month.

We don't care much for squash, but I like to puree and freeze it as a substitute for pumpkin in baked goods. Muffins and breads turn out lighter in color, but they still taste delicious!

If you garden, are you still harvesting, or is the season over where you are, too?


thehomespunheart said...

Hooray for your garden! Wow - those carrots are big and it was fun to see two cutie girls too! :)

Mom said...

What darling little girls! :) Our garden is done, too -- this was not a great garden year due to the terrible hailstorm we had in June. Thanks for sharing some of your garden bounty with us. :) I'll be interested to hear how successful the green tomatoes wrapped in newspapers turns out to be.
Love you, Mom

angie said...

My parents make and can a pepper relish that uses green tomatoes.
Or, have you ever tried pan-fried green tomatoes? Just some ideas in case the newsapaper method doesn't ripen them.

Anonymous said...

Adorable little girls!!
Sounds like you had a great garden this year, in spite of the draught!
Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Love, Grandma

Stephanie S. said...

We got a frost in Boston last weekend while I was away. I harvested all the tomatoes the next day when I got back, but I've found as I'm trying to let them ripen that many were damaged and are turning moldy :(. I had a great tomato season (and squash!) so can't really complain but was hoping for a few more!

I still have tomatillos, and my peas and turnips are still growing. I plan to plant garlic this weekend from my stash of last year's harvest.