Friday, October 26, 2012


Wanted to share a few recent cute pix from around here:

Nathan accepted the challenge of putting together his first 100-piece puzzle.
Sleeping beauty
Natalie LOVES hugging Naomi and playing with her.

Playing in the leaves with a neighbor friend

Have a good weekend, everyone!


thehomespunheart said...

c.u.t.e. wish our leaves had started falling! :)

Mom said...

Precious photos! :)
Thanks for sharing,
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Oh so adorable!!
Looks like fun. Tell Nathan Im SO proud of him for putting together a 100 piece puzzle!!

Love, Grandma/Nana

Kristin said...

So cute! Loved seeing these, and all of the cozy fall-ness! Great job, Nathan, on the puzzle.

Speaky1013 said...

supa sweet!! love love love!!

Carrie said...

Ah, we are getting into puzzles around here as well. GREAT stuff!

KellBell said...

Way to go on the puzzle Nathan, and it looks like a hard one too! Puzzles are perfect on cold days. And I have to say Natalie's smile on the last pic us super cute.