Friday, October 19, 2012


I recently mentioned that I haven't made many of the things I've pinned, but today I wanted to share (in no particular order) the things I have tried that I found off of Pinterest:

I was inspired by this to make Olympic ring cupcakes, and I also printed off some of the Olympic surveys for an opening ceremony party we went to.

My first attempt at homemade liquid soap was too watery, so I tried again and also made a beautiful dispenser to put it in. (Thanks, Monica, for the zinc lid and tips!)

I'm part of a preschool co-op with Natalie, and I am in charge of teaching about the letter "H" this morning. We'll be doing this fun craft.

Back in June, I had the kids answer these questions to make a hilarious Father's Day gift for Eric. I hope to do this every year and collect the surveys to see how their responses change.

Last winter when we were certain of the baby's name, I made this personalized onesie following these instructions.
I thought these were great ideas for repurposing baby wipes containers. I stashed extra batteries in mine thanks to the inspiration.

I tried some carrot chips with our abundant garden supply. Yummy!

I made these bell pepper muffins, which we DID NOT think were yummy. =( Same with this homemade peanut butter. Great idea but not fans.

I baked these garbanzo bean brownies for Bean Night, omitting the chocolate chips. They were quite tasty.

One of the first recipes I pinned was this fabulous Valentine snack mix.

I ordered this birth announcement onesie sticker after Naomi was born--very cute but a little hard to read.

I read and loved this book. And I'm definitely anticipating Season Three of this!

I have 131 pins currently on my boards, and I've tried the16 things I've mentioned here. (Although I just realized that number is technically higher: my Read/Listen/Watch board is a little different because I've listened to some of that music--I just don't want to forget links to it so I can keep listening.) I'm glad I put this post together, actually, because I don't think I've ever gone back through all my boards and I was reminded of some great ideas that I still hope to try.  

Have you tried any of the things I've mentioned here?

And though I did not find the tip on Pinterest, I'm thrilled to report that yesterday I decided to check on the dozen tomatoes I'd wrapped in newspaper a couple weeks ago. Five of them had turned red! I am so thrilled that those tomatoes weren't wasted and that I can still enjoy them even in these 40-degree temps.


thehomespunheart said...

I've been wanting to read that Cleaning House book - may I borrow it if you own it?

Yay - glad the soap dispenser worked! :) BTW, how was your second attempt at soap? I'm not pleased with mine.

Can't say I've tried any of those other things - but I do have a pin board of all the Pinterest things I've done/tried!

Stephanie S. said...


I enjoyed the post! Even though I work in social media, I've had a hard time getting in to Pinterest. The irony is all my non-social media friends love it. I've been making more of an effort lately and tried this soup this week: It is super yummy and was a great way to use the last of my squash.

love you,

Mom said...

I don't pin things on Pinterest, but I have looked at Monica's page from time to time (and yours!). It's a great resource for ideas and it looks like you've tried some good one! Glad you've had some ripened tomatoes. I have gotten a couple out of the brown grocery bag I put our green tomatoes in. Have fun doing the cute "H" craft this morning at Natalie's preschool. :) Love you, Mom

Carrie said...

What?! What!? You can wrap tomatoes in newspaper and have them ripen!?!?!? SEriously!? Because the temps are low but my plants still have tomatoes on them. What do I do!?

Wendi said...

Your soap looks so pretty!

Mary Ann said...

I love all the ideas for using wipes containers--don't have a lot of them since the parents typically have brought refills or the plastic packs but we do have a few!

I have a bunch of the plastic formula containers with snap top lids that I use to store little plastic animals, small manipulatives, my hair things, etc.

Like Monica, I have a board where I pin the Pinterest stuff I've tried.

Haven't been here for a while so catching up on your posts!