Monday, January 14, 2013

Nuts and bolts

Last week, Flower Patch Farmgirl linked to a post she'd done a couple years prior in which she listed out all the groceries she'd bought that week. I found it absolutely fascinating, and thought maybe there were other weirdos cool people like me who enjoy reading details like that, too?! Thus, I thought I would share what I bought this past Saturday. I typically go to the grocery store twice a week (one big trip and a smaller one), but since I'm attempting to spend half our budget this month, it's important I only go half as often!

We don't have an Aldi anywhere near here, but I'm very grateful one of stores in our town will honor competitor's prices and coupons. I've indicated if an amount was the sale price.

4 apples--$1.26 super sale (78 cents/lb.)
3 cans refried beans--$2 sale
tub of vanilla yogurt--$2.15
big block of Colby Jack cheese--$3.99
one Yoplait cup--10 cents (Score! sale and coupon)
hot dogs--99 cents
tortilla chips--$1.50 sale
small pkg of strawberry Jello--25 cents markdown (damaged box)
big jar of strawberry jam--$2.49 sale (I actually haven't bought jam in YEARS because I make homemade jam every summer, but we've been   flying through our stash now that Nathan is packing a lunch and often taking PBJ. I'm going to save the good stuff for toast/rolls, and use the storebought for sandwiches)
apple kiwi strawberry juice--$1.50 sale (Again, not something I normally buy, but this was a request from Eric, and he rarely asks me to buy specific things, so I had to oblige!)
2 boxes Kashi cereal--$2.98 total (Another score! sale and coupon)
3 gallons 1% milk--$2.58 each (Major sale price, which is why I bought 3--reg. price is $3.27)
6 bananas--$1.35
head of lettuce--88 cents
pineapple--$2.92 sale
celery--99 cents (Speaking of celery: Last fall when I was in Colorado visiting my parents, my mom informed me that she can buy celery by the individual stalk at her grocery store. I had never before seen or heard of that, and I'm curious how many of you have this option at your store?)

That's it! Grand total of $33.20. I've done two shopping trips this month, and am right on track with where I need to be with my spending. I had hoped to spend closer to $25 on the above trip to create more leeway at the end of the month, but I also wanted to be sure I could make it until at least next Saturday before needing to go back.

If you ever write out the contents of a grocery shopping trip, I'd love to see them. =) And please note that I wrote this strictly for entertainment--not to show that I'm better or worse than anyone else when it comes to grocery shopping.


Wendi said...

Kroger here sells individual stalks of celery and carrots also. My mom buys it this way sometimes. Not me because the price is much higher.

I enjoy seeing what others purchase and the prices they pay. It is nice to see what prices are in other parts of the country. I was surprised at the price of your apples. They are super expensive in Central Indiana at the moment. I almost passed them up because of the price.

angie said...

I enjoy gleaning tips for saving money on groceries from others' lists. Thank you.
I always find it cheaper to buy apples by the bag. Usually 3# for less than $3.

kelseylynae said...

I'm impressed with that milk price!

I need to check out Aldi's ads more often. Do you get a flier or do you just look online?

One last thing- I have recently read online that you can freeze milk in a deep freeze? Ever heard of that/ tried it? I'm a little leery.

Kristin said...

I jealous of your milk prices! We are paying $3.39 a gallon these days! With the amount of milk we consume, our budget is suffering! Nice work on your shopping trip!

Mom said...

Good work! Here's what I bought this week:
tortilla chips $1.99
saltines $1.49
canned tomatoes (2 cans) $.49 each
refried beans (2 cans) $.89 each
mushroom soup (3 cans) $.88 each
1 lb. spaghetti $.75
large bag honey Os cereal $1.99
Kleenex - 100 ct. $.69 (limit 1)
gal. milk $2.50
1.3 lb. apples $1.05
3.5 lb. bananas $.98
5 lb. potatoes $1.19
2 lb. baby carrots $1.60

Have you ever checked out The Prudent Homemaker blog? She is on a very tight budget and posted her price book several days ago -- interesting!

Fun to find out what others are doing :) -- love you, Mom

Sara said...

I would LOVE to be able to buy one stalk of celery - I buy the whole package and end up throwing most of it away. I wouldn't even mind paying the same price - I just hate wasting it cause I don't use it very often.

George and Jodi said...

Fun post!
@kelseylynae: My mom froze our milk often when I was growing up. We lived 25 miles from the nearest grocery store so she would buy it a case at a time and freeze about half of it. She would then thaw it out in the fridge a gallon at a time as we used it. As long as you use it in a pretty timely manner after you thaw it out it is fine. It tastes totally normal :)