Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Simple things

I wanted to share a couple things we've implemented lately to simplify my life!

1. Our kids are huge fans of Sequence for Kids. Last summer, they played a dozen times a day, often with neighbor kids. I'm thrilled they love the game, but after each round, they needed me to shuffle the cards. Not that this takes huge effort, but I was often nursing Naomi or busy in the kitchen, so my hands weren't always free. When we saw an automatic card shuffler at the local thrift store, Eric suggested we give it to Nathan for Christmas. Nathan likes using it, so that problem is solved!

2. Having two avid colorers (new word!) in the house means that we go through art supplies quickly. Colored pencils are regularly worn down to nubs, and it has been challenging to get them sharpened. We used to have one of those little plastic sharpeners, but it broke, and it didn't fit the various sizes we'd accumulated. We are conveniently located near a college campus, and I would usually wait until we had a dozen or more pencils that needed sharpening, but sometimes getting even a short distance with three kids can be very difficult. When thinking of Christmas gift ideas to share with my mom, I sent her a link to a school-style pencil sharpener we could install here at home, and she ordered it for us. I am thrilled to have this issue resolved.

3. Natalie is constantly asking which shoe goes on which foot. I'd seen a cute idea on Pinterest for putting half a heart sticker in each shoe so they match up when placed correctly. So far, so good!

Love these little changes that add up to a big difference in my days!


angie said...

I can relate to all of these simple, yet life-saving fixes. I just pinned the sticker method for putting shoes on the correct feet. We also have one of the "old fashioned" (as my kids refer to it)pencil sharpeners mounted in the basement. There was also one in the same location at our previous house. I regretted leaving it, but was glad to receive one for this house from my cousin. He was doing renovations in a school. They ripped out all of those sharpeners that were mounted to heating vents and put them into the dumpsters. Fortunately, he grabbed one for us!

Wendi said...

I think Megan would enjoy the card shuffler. She always get frustrated when we have to suffle for her. I will have to try the heart idea for the little guy I watch. He puts his shoes and then will ask if they are correct. Fifty percent of the time they are not. Thankf for sharing this tip!

Linds said...

I love the sticker idea. I have it pinned on Intetest bug haven't actually done it. Thanks for the reminder!!

Lisa said...

Ditto on the old-style pencil sharpener :) My husband found one on eBay and mounted it in our storage room. I'm glad it's in there because it sure makes a mess...but it works MUCH better than the tiny little plastic ones, and even works better than the old battery-operated one we used to have!

thehomespunheart said...

Yay! Great ideas :)

Mom said...

Yay for simple things that make your life easier! :) Love you, Mom