Friday, February 22, 2013

Bag lady

Natalie is a collector. Of. Pretty. Much. Everything! She has no fewer than 10 bags which she fills with goodies of all kinds. Her piles were starting to drive me batty until we landed on an unusual but successful solution a few months ago. There is an area behind a recliner in our living room that we designated as Natalie's house. She can sit back there and arrange all her treasures, and since it's in a corner and behind the chair, it is not highly visible and therefore no longer drives me (as) crazy.

Thought you'd enjoy taking a peek, though it looks different every day!
 And here is a closer look inside one of the aforementioned bags:
The girl cracks me up. She's inherited my love of containers; however, keeping every teensy little thing she receives/creates is not my tendency.


thehomespunheart said...

That is hilarious! I love the idea of Natalie's house - so cute!

Wendi said...

She and Megan would get along well! Megan even wants to bring home the plastic communion cups each month. :)

I bought one of those cardboard photo boxes and her collection is limited to that box. Love the idea of Natalie's house. She will always remember that special place!

angie said...

This must be a girl tendency. Does Natalie tend to play with these things or just arrange/re-arrange them? Hanna likes to keep it all too! She even digs through the recycling bin looking for fodder for her next craft project (or one to projects down the line.) She always has at least 4 projects in progress. I am trying to cope with my need to have everything in its place! On our way out the door, I asked her if it was possible for her to go in the car without taking a bag of things to do! She laughed and pointed to the bag hanging on my shoulder!

Anonymous said...

How cute! What a fun solution to a nagging problem for you.
(She must take after her Nana!!)

Love you, Grandma/Nana

kelseylynae said...

I think this is great and, unless you hadn't pointed it out, I would not have seen her "house" behind the chair :)

I was a bit this way when I was little…okay, a lot this way:
- I saved the EGG that survived in my class winning egg drop container!
- I saved a half eaten JUMBO JAWBREAKER once I'd licked it to the center because I could see all the different layers and thought it looked cool, like a fossil.

[My mom made me discard both when the egg started…umm…smelling, and when HUGE BLACK ANTS found my jawbreaker!] Eeek!

Mom said...

Oh how we love this adorable little bag lady/collector! :) And behind the chair is a perfect spot for her to gather her treasures...

Love to all, Mom/Grammie

Katie said...

Precious! Love the solution you came to ~ what a gracious compromise from mama and a creative response from Natalie! I bet she is so thankful ~ and will be even more so as she gets older and realizes the freedom you gave her to do this! Great job!


Kristin said...

This looks so familiar! You are gracious to allow the set-up to remain!

KellBell said...

I'm curious what ages the other girls were when this quirk began and when they grow out of it. We often joke that J is playing homeless because she puts all her treasures in a fisher price shopping cart (loaded to the top with a blanket draped over it) and adds a large purse over the handle. She's been up to this for nearly a year now, starting at age 3.5. It's only become a problem recently when E wants to play with a toy that has been stashed. I've started requiring the cart be emptied every few days but I'm not sure that's the best solution. I'm very glad to hear that other girls are doing the same because I thought it was unique to her. At what point do we begin talking about hoarding??? :)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Sarah was/is a bag collector too. I remember cleaning her room on a few occasions and finding the oddest assortment of stuff in her bags. Once I even found library books that had been missing for ages--so long in fact that I had already PAID the missing cost for them (got some $ back once they were returned though). It used to drive me crazy! If I'm honest it still does. :)

Jessica said...

Carrie, this is too funny. James is JUST like Natalie. A collector of all kinds of "treasures". It drives me insane, too, but I'm trying to enjoy it knowing one day I'll miss all of his little quirks around the house. :)