Friday, February 15, 2013

Frugal accomplishments

My mom was right--I love reading The Prudent Homemaker's weekly posts on her frugal accomplishments, and thought it would be fun to share an occasional such posts here.

In that spirit, here are some specific things I've done this past week to be thrifty!

*Instead of buying an 8 oz. bag of diced ham for $2.49 as I've often done, I instead purchased just over 2 pounds of deli ham on sale for $2.39 a pound. The butcher sliced it for free, and I diced it when I got home. I paid $4.95 instead of $11 for an equivalent amount!!

*I took advantage of a local thrift store having 75% of all clothing and purchased a cute shirt for each of the older kids for a quarter apiece! Even better, while I was in the store, an employee offered me some meat and eggs. This thrift store supports a local ministry that provides food, and she said they had an abundance of donations and would be happy to pass some on. She gave me a dozen (farm fresh!) eggs and a bag containing frozen chicken nuggets and tenders. Not bad for 50 cents!

*Natalie needed a pink cardigan sweater to go with a spring dress. When I could not find one in our local secondhand stores, I posted the need on a swap page and an acquaintance of mine promptly replied. I paid $3 instead of probably $15 or so new. Similarly, when Natalie needed some slippers a month ago, I used the same approach. I paid $2 for a cute pink-with-hearts pair that she loves wearing!

*We've been enjoying the convenience and entertainment of a free month-long Netflix trial.

*I got a great deal on diapers by using a sale, coupons and a rebate (Triple play!)--40% off the regular price of name-brand disposable diapers is nothing to sneeze at. I was pumped!

*Took advantage of a super sale on fruit snacks--8 boxes for $6! (Normal price is $1.99 each) I initially did not purchase these, but then I remembered that every couple months, Nathan's teacher asks for 40 individually packaged snacks, so I am thrilled I'll be ready when the next note comes home. That will save me time and money--love it!

*I made syrup using water, sugar and maple flavoring. I do this several times a year--I like the taste, it's easy, contains no HFCS, etc.

*I spent $0 on the kids' valentines using supplies I already had. Pictures to come early next week.

Wow, that was fun to write. I will definitely do it again sometime. I think it's so inspiring to read other people's frugal accomplishments and hope you feel the same.


thehomespunheart said...

Oh yeah - that was great fun! I love the Prudent Homemaker's lists each week - so inspiring! :)

Let's see -

* watched a borrowed movie, read library books

* got Samuel two new pairs of jammies at Penney's - on sale for $11, I had a $10 coupon and spent $1.06.

* used a gift card for a family night dinner out to Olive Garden last Friday night.

* bought a great quality table for a good price used last weekend - we already love it!

* made a restaurant quality steak dinner for Valentine's dinner last night for less than $15 total. High for me to spend for dinner but for a special treat cheap compared to eating out. David chopped free wood from a fallen tree for a fire in our fireplace to accompany our dinner.

* I made Valentine Chex Mix for our kids Valentine's - so technically not free, but appreciated and very cute!

* Did not buy flowers for our table when I was at the grocery store and then our company the other night brought a pot of tulips - we've enjoyed them at several dinners/lunches this week.

* I make homemade syrup frequently - and did again this week.

Mom said...

Great finds! :)

My best frugal accomplishment this week was filling the car with gas at $1.10 off per gallon thanks to grocery store points. Yay!

Love you, Mom

Wendi said...

I find these post inspiring!

Kendra said...

Good work, Carrie! I'm interested to hear more about the syrup!

A couple of my frugal attempts lately:

-Got Addison an almost brand new bike off of Craigslist for her birthday for a great deal.

-Used a gift card for our early Valentine's Day date

-Made our own ice by working ahead for the ice cooler for Marc's surgery rather than running to the store to keep buying it.

-Bought Addison's other birthday gifts at the resale shop.

-Homemade granola bars

Kristin said...

Very impressive list! We do not have such great thrift places here. We have them, but prices aren't nearly so low and it is often not worth my time.

Katie said...

Great job, Carrie! I enjoy reading ways people are being frugal also. Mary Ann posts her "Frugal Five" weekly, and I'm so inspired!

A few things we've saved on lately...

*Making homemade valentines out of stuff on-hand.

*Gave our youngest son a haircut myself here at home.

*Checked out movies from library.

*Used swagbucks giftcards on amazon.

*My hubby found a secondhand suit (looks news) just his size for $11 ~ retail equivalent about $250!

*Shopped thriftstore for needed clothes.

Fun & inspiring post! Have a good weekend!

Lisa said...

Oh yes, those packages of diced ham are quite the rip-off! OK, here goes...

*cooked a whole turkey for supper (bought cheap at Thanksgiving!), and used the leftovers for quesadillas, freezer lunch tacos, and turkey pot pie. Also boiled the carcass and bones to make my own broth for the first time...easy and frugal!

*got my daughters' winter coats fixed by a tailor (needed a special needle so couldn't do it myself) and a new zipper on one of the coats instead of buying new ones.

*used a combination of coupons and sales to score some good deals at the grocery store, most notably boxes of juice pouches for 79 cents

*opened a "checking account" at local bank that had a special offer ($100 for a new account!)for our Disney fund

*carpooled to a company party

*made my own instant oatmeal packets

It's fun and encouraging to document this stuff! Thanks for the opportunity :)