Friday, February 1, 2013

Pantry challenge recap

Hooray! Eric added up all my grocery receipts, and I came in a dollar under half our normal monthly budget! I am thrilled with that, and enjoyed spending those weeks strategizing and also thinking about where to send the remaining half.

In the end, I decided to send part of the money to a missionary within our denomination. Nathan was asked to research a missionary for AWANA, and God brought a certain family to mind. We looked them up on-line and learned about their family and the country where they work. I thought it would be a neat extension of talking about missionaries to send some financial support.

The rest of the money was sent to Samartitan's Purse. They are doing such great work all around the world in Jesus' name. As I perused their gift catalog, I noticed an option for feeding a family for one month, and I thought that was a perfect fit with my challenge! (And it's a waaay lower budget than we're used to!) We also funded a goat to help provide sustainable food and income for a family. Praise the Lord!

Since this was my fourth year of completing this challenge, I've definitely learned a few things since I started. My mistake in past years was spending too much upfront, and then I really struggled at the end. I've always met my goal, but it's been tricky!

I was so glad I'd spent sparingly in the middle of the month, because it enabled me to take advantage of some great deals that came up this past week. And though Eric has ribbed me in the past that we have "nothing" to eat in January, the truth is that I think he hardly notices. We eat great during the challenge--and all year-round, I might add! =)

Going to the store just once a week was very helpful in sticking to my goal, and maybe I'll even be able to continue that pattern. I also made a lot of progress on using up the items I intended to.

Another pantry challenge success--love it!


Wendi said...

I love what you did with your remaining grocery money. Great job!

Mom said...

Well done -- and great choices for sharing your "surplus" grocery money! :) Love you, Mom

Katie said...

Stewardship, creativity, generosity ~ great job!

angie said...

I admire your perserverance. I tried to do the pantry challenge in Jan, but caved after 2 weeks. my family each likes their favorites (my son can't go a day without an apple!) and I resisted the extra work of making more from scratch. I will have to remember your method of spending 1/2 of your normal budget.

Anonymous said...

Great job, Carrie!
You're an inspiration.

Love you, Grandma

KellBell said...

Wow! So cool. What a great way to start each year.

Carrie said...

*I* love your pantry challenges as they encourage ME to look in the "dark corners" of my pantry and make sure I'm using things wisely. (Esp. good reminder in January because we need to be using up the food we canned last year so that a.) it doesn't spoil and b.) we'll have jars available for the summer!