Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Reading material

I've mentioned it before, but a few years ago I landed on the guideline of having the number of my age represent the limit of blogs I subscribe to. Since I recently had a birthday, it was a good time to comb through my blog list, adapting it as necessary. Thanks to my mom and sister, I've added a couple fascinating new blogs lately: this and this (I just finished Kelle's very compelling book, as well). I also started following along with this family as they travel around the world with 4 young children!

Going through the blog list reminds me of the song we used to sing in Girl Scouts: "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, and the other gold." It's fun to add these three new blogs to my selections, but I'm also glad to keep following along with some of the same blogs I've read for years.

Speaking of reading material, I *finally* joined PaperBack Swap. I've been hearing about it for a long time, and when I realized our shelves were bursting at the seams, I thought that it was a good time (as I did with blogs) to comb through them and weed some out. I noticed on the site that when you list your first ten books, you earn two free book credits, so that is what I did. In the first week, four of my ten books were requested and I mailed them out. The receiving end has had a slower start, but I am hopeful. I made a wish list of 20-some books, but apparently many of them are in relatively high demand. I'll wait patiently and keep searching for book titles I'd like to own.

I love these kinds of swaps because rather than paying out money for new books, you earn credits and then can request books for *free!* (If you decide to sign up for PBS, I'd love it if you used this referral link, which will net me a free book credit just by you signing up! Thanks!)

Have you started reading any blogs lately? Are you a member of PaperBack Swap?


Wendi said...

I enjoy PBS! I am a book lover and have more then I am able to read at this time. Time is not always my friend but I find it hard to say no to a book! :)

Katie said...

I just signed up for PBS under your link! =) Looking forward to checking it out. I've seen the little button on other blogs but never looked into it.

I added a couple of blogs to my reader recently ~
"Homestead Blessings" and
"Life as Mom" ~ think Mary Ann linked to it recently.

Lisa said...

I just found Kelle's site as well, and her book is on my "to read" list. I have not heard of PBS but am heading there now to check it out :) The # of blogs being equal to your age is a fun way to set a limit. There is an abundance of good information out there, but at some point, it's time to stop reading about life and start living life, right?

Mom said...

I couldn't possibly keep up with the number of blogs equal to my age! My number is six -- the number of precious grandchildren I have! There are other blogs I check occasionally, but my favorite six are yours and Monica's (of course!), The Prudent Homemaker, Kelle Hampton's blog (I laughed out loud at her post about Tom the Turtle and was reminded of entertaining Clifford last year from Nathan's preschool class), The Non-Consumer Advocate, and Missus Smarty Pants.

I have passed extra books along to Monica to swap on PBS. I'll send some your way for swapping now and then, too.

Love you lots, Mom

thehomespunheart said...

I just subscribed to the world traveling family - fascinating! And, then pared my blog list by just a few to match my age :)

Carrie said...

Blogs to match your age. That's an interesting concept!

I scaled my list down considerably earlier this year but I don't know how many blogs that means I subscribe to. (A large number of them do not post daily.) Anyway, you've given me something to think about! :D

angie said...

I would love to decrease the number of blogs I subscribe to, but I can't figure out how to delete them off of my list on blogger dashboard!
Previously, I belonged to PBS, but found that I sent out many without finding a nearly equal number of titles that I wanted. At some point, I felt that it would be just cheaper for me to buy the books I really wanted, rather than settling for something just to use up my credits. If you find your experience to be different, I would love to hear follow-up from you.
Incidentally, I wrote down many of your titles from last year's reading list and have been pulling from it when I can find any of them at my library. Christian authors are few and far between in my library system. :(