Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine fun

Last year, I had a bunch of valentine things planned that I was unable to carry out since we ended up in the hospital unexpectedly. (However, my parents did a great job stepping in and made heart-shaped pancakes, etc.!) So I was excited to plan some special touches for our FAMILY celebration this year.

Eric was given 40 Tootsie roll pops for his birthday last fall, and I still had them because there's (unfortunately) not been a shortage of sweets around here. So when I found a couple ideas for valentines using those suckers, I thought it would be perfect. (And, thus, why I spent no money on these. Hollah!) Here are Nathan's super hero pops:

And Natalie's butterflies. They are supposed to have googly eyes on them, but if you can believe it, Wally World was sold out of the small ones!

I couldn't get a great smile out of Naomi, but here she is on her first Valentine's Day. Each of our babies has worn this bib on V-Day, so I had to get a pic!
I served pink pancakes for breakfast and had all the mailboxes ready to set out. Those are always a big hit! The alligator one Nathan made as a preschool craft, and I use it for Eric; the other three were a dollar apiece at Target a couple years ago.
Dressed in our holiday pink! I made a "fancy" candlelit supper, and then we watched a valentine movie and had red and white popcorn.
Hope you had a special valentine celebration!


thehomespunheart said...

Cute! Great fun and frugal too :) R and S had fun looking at these pix with me!

Wendi said...

Fun! Megan made the butterfly valentines last year. One of my favs. I purchased the same mailboxes this year. Love the dollar spot at T!

Mom said...

Fun photos of your Valentine's Day!:)

(And last year, we didn't make the heart-shaped pancakes...we served the ones you had made ahead and popped into the freezer. After driving 16-17 hours the day before, I'm not sure I could have managed doing more than serving them! Your pre-planning saved the day then!)

Love to you and your sweethearts, Mom

angie said...

My daughter and her best friend/neighbor had these mailboxes from Target. They put them on the front porch and secretly placed notes into each other's box. They no longer do so, and I don't even know if we still have the mailbox, but the memories are sweet.

What a sweet reminder of the trials that God delivered you through over the past year. And your tradition of having each baby wear the sweetheart bib is another instance of frugality. It looks remarkably white for its third rotation.

Katie said...

What Valentine fun, Carrie! ♥ I love your mailbox tradition ~ the kids must look forward to their special surprises so much! What Valentine movie? :-)

All the girls look darling in pink!! {Natalie looks cute in her heartdress. =) And she is the spitting image of you!!!} Nathan sure is growing up ~ wow!

Blessings on your week~

Kristin said...

Very cute! We did those butterflies last year! And I saw the superhero ones and marked them for the future as a great boy valentine. So cute!

Carrie said...

That sounds like a fun idea!

Speaky1013 said...

super cute stuff! you never cease to amaze me!