Friday, March 15, 2013

Charles F. Cheddar, take 2

Remember this from two years ago? It was so successful I wanted to make it an annual tradition, but it just didn't happen last year. (Wonder what else we had going on?!)

I finally pulled it off last weekend, and we had a great time. Once again we started off with (homemade!) pizza for supper. Then we headed downstairs for the really fun part.

I'd set up the games earlier in the day and decided to stick with what had worked last time: bowling (using a kid's set we've had for years), timed basketball shooting, and Skee-ball (using a super-cool toy*  pictured below that I got for free in the toy swap I coordinated a couple years ago).
I'd been collecting a fun array of prizes including books, games and art supplies. The hardest thing for me was predicting the number of tickets each kid would earn. The hardest part for them was choosing since I made sure there more prizes than tickets so that it was more like real shopping. Natalie earned 7 tickets (out of 9--we were fairly generous, I thought!) and chose a bracelet, some princess magnets and a book. Nathan had 8 tickets and selected a baseball card game and an I-Spy book.

This is one of those activities that took as long if not longer to prep than to implement, but it was definitely worth it, and they asked immediately when we could do it again. Success!

*Yikes--$160?! That's got to be a joke. Maybe I could try selling my used one for $50? HA!


Wendi said...

Such a fun tradition!

thehomespunheart said...

Yay! So glad we got to do it with you once :)

Mom said...

Very fun! Great idea -- thanks for sharing your perspective. It was fun to hear Nathan and Natalie tell us about it from theirs :) -- love you, Mom

angie said...

And much less sensory overload than the CEC mayhem! I'm thinking about the games we have in the basement (one that we have never used!) in which we could implement a similar evening of famiy fun. Did each ticket equal one prize? Or were the prizes weighted? Thank you for the inspiration.
By the way, I keep meaning to tell you, that I am passing on 'Home to Harmony' to an 80+ yo friend who is having a lonely, difficult winter. She will enjoy this series, I'm pretty certain.

theoklahomatexan said...

Fun idea. And much better than having to spend time in that horror that is Chuck E Cheese. Hate that place! I guess one advantage of living in a small town now is that we don't have that place here!

Katie said...

Great job, Carrie ~ so creative...again! It was so neat to look back at how much N1 and N2 have grown since the first time!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend~