Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fairy party

Thank you for all your kind birthday wishes to Natalie! We started the day with our tradition of breakfast in bed. Natalie chose cinnamon rolls, apple juice, and strawberries with whipped cream. Yum!
We had a small party in the morning--it was really important to me to have a friend party for her since we were away last year and her birthday was not what we'd been planning on. (Though family and friends still helped make it very special!!)

I landed on the party theme when, over Christmas, my aunt referred to Natalie as a "sprite." This seemed very fitting to me, and Monica and I let the brainstorming begin. =)

For refreshments, we had star-shaped cheese on flower/butterfly crackers, pink lemonade, and then each girl got to decorate her own star cookie wand. I set out three colors of frosting and 5 colors of sparkly sugar. Fun!
Even Naomi got into the theme, dressed in her fairy print sleeper! Natalie's showing off her fairy tattoo--I put one on the front of each invitation, and asked the girls to wear them to the party.

I printed off a fairy coloring page for each girl, and otherwise just wanted them to have plenty of time to play together. At the end of the party, each girl got a bag filled with goodies: fairy fruit snacks, fairy hairbrush, Hello Kitty chapstick, flowery fairy headband I made, sparkly gel pen and a piece of fairy candy. I spent about $7 on all of it by scoring some great deals! My biggest splurge was the darling paper plates and napkins. When I saw the super-cute fairy design, I just could not pass them up, and thankfully I had a partial credit at the store.

The party went great, but unfortunately the day unraveled after lunch. Natalie gave up her nap about a month ago, and it has been a rough adjustment for all of us. We've been putting her to bed earlier each night, but the change is still taking a toll. She has been whining, crying and talking disrespectfully a lot more, which is of course disheartening! (Of course, this is not all sleep-related, but I think much of it is!)

Though the evening wasn't as pleasant as the first half of the day, we definitely still celebrated. I let Natalie choose the supper menu, and initially all she said was cornbread and applesauce. At my encouragement, she then added chicken with noodles and a side of carrots. We had cupcakes for dessert.

She opened her gifts and we tried playing with them but she had hit her limit by that point and going to bed was the best solution. So that's the re-cap of her mostly happy birthday!


thehomespunheart said...

Cute! Love Naomi's smile and Natalie's cute b'day shirt! :) Headbands were really cute too - good job!

Carrie said...

:D Nicely done! I hear you on birthday people falling apart near the tail end but sounds like you pulled it together and made a celebration of it despite that. And it's just another reminder that no matter how old we get, as long as we are still alive we have things to work on!

angie said...

It is a blessing that you wisely planned the party for the first half of the day. Sounds like a fairy-love-ly celebration!

Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures! So glad Natalie's party was a success, but sorry the evening didn't go as well. I'm sure she had fun, though.
Your fairy theme/decorations are so cute. Good job, Carrie.
Love, Grandma/Nana

Mom said...

Lovely birthday and cute photos! :) Well, she's a normal 4-year-old to come unglued once in awhile -- actually, that's normal for any age!!

Love to all, Mom/Grammie

Katie said...

Looks like a wonderful party, Carrie, and I know this will be a beautiful memory etched in her mind. ♥

Love that Natalie helped to plan the menu ~ cornbread was a great pick!! =)

We went through a huge bedtime adjustment this year ~ 2 little ones were used to sleeping in our bed. We decided it was time to have them sleep in their own beds and establish some new routines. Not easy to say the least, but things are much improved. We are also going through a nap transition with our youngest, so I can relate to some of the things you had to deal with at the party ~ only a little more often than an isolated incident. We are working and praying our way through!

Still hard to believe N2 is 4!!

Blessings to you all~