Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday, Natalie!

Here are some words that describe Natalie:
Natalie, we love you and hope you have a *fairy* wonderful birthday! (The pic above was taken on our mother-daughter date to the "big" city this past weekend.)


Mom said...

Darling photos of our sweet girl! So many precious memories come to mind with this little doll, but one of the recent ones is after Aunt Joanie's wedding in December, she put both hands on my face and said "Grammy, you did such a good job" -- melted my heart!!

Happy birthday, dear Natalie!
Love, Grammie

Katie said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Natalie! Our Lord Jesus LOVES you so much!

Katie & Family

thehomespunheart said...

Happy Birthday, Natalie! Sweet new pic, she looks more grown up than Christmas! Can't wait to see her in a couple of months!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweet Natalie. You look so grown up. I hope you have a very Happy Birthday party. Going on a Mother/Daughter date sounds like such fun! I love you, Nana

angie said...

Happy 4th Birthday, Natalie!
Those are beautiful traits that you named and gave to your daughter, Carrie.

Wendi said...

Happy Birthday, Natalie! I love the words you used to describe your sweet girl. :)

kelseylynae said...

Happy Birthday, Natalie! I wish we lived closer so I could know you better. :)

And Olive Garden was an EXCELLENT choice :)

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday, Natalie! What cute pictures! I hope you've had a fun, fairy-filled day! We love you!

KellBell said...

Happy Birthday Natalie! Hope you all had fun celebrating today!

Kendra said...

Happy Birthday to you, Natalie!!! Love the picture of her! I can't wait to watch the big 4 year olds in action together this summer!!

Carrie said...

:D I love your mom's comment! What a sweet and encouraging girl your little Natalie is!

Happy Birthday to her!