Monday, March 4, 2013

Leap celebration

We had a nice time celebrating Naomi's (honorary) birthday. I thought it would be cute to have a bit of a frog theme to acknowledge that she's a LEAP baby!

Per our tradition, we had a special breakfast in the birthday girl's room. Thanks to a visit the day before from my blog friend, Leah, we had delicious donut holes. You should've seen Naomi's face when she tasted her first bite!
We had a casual supper in the evening. Our guests were Eric's brother and his girlfriend, and the college  student we sponsor, Cristina. A friend graciously provided us with all the fun pink first birthday decorations!

After the kids were in bed, Eric and I read through our CaringBridge journal entries from last year, along with the many comments that had been posted by family and friends. I think it is so important to pause to remember and reflect. We are so grateful for God's hand of protection on both Naomi and me. It was indeed a day of celebration!


thehomespunheart said...

Ha! Another food she will eat :) Love the cute theme and cake turned out darling!

Mom said...

Thanks for sharing photos of your birthday celebration for sweet bonus baby Naomi born on a bonus day! :) Love to all, Mom

kelseylynae said...

What a sweet celebration!

One looks good on you, Naomi! :)

Lisa said...

Cute cake! I'm impressed!

Wow, how a year changes things.

HOPPY Birthday, Naomi!

allie said...

Love!! Love the celebration, love the theme, and love remembering what God did in your lives!

Truly a celebration!

Speaky1013 said...

love!! happy sweet birthday, naomi!! what was her face like??? happy or not so happy? I assuming happy, but you never know. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful Naomi and beautiful family.
Very cute theme and cake.
Praise God for His marvelous blessings.
Love, Grandma/Nana

Katie said...

What a special celebration! ♥ Darling cake, Carrie!! Joining you in praising God for this precious birthday girl.

Blessings to your sweet family~

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday!

I can't believe it's been a year.

I'm so glad it's been a year. :)