Friday, March 8, 2013

Site referrals


I feel a little conflicted when it comes to referral links. As someone who cares deeply about stewardship, I don't want to ask myself or others to waste time or money. With that in mind, I share the links below with you not to encourage needless spending, but rather 1) it seems like good stewardship to me to take advantage of the resources offered by some referral programs, and 2) to share those opportunities with you in case you care to do the same. Take 'em or leave 'em. =)

*I'm definitely glad I signed up for Swagbucks a couple years ago. I do a lot of on-line searching, and it's fun to earn Amazon spending money for doing something I do every day! I checked my account last week and noticed that I've earned $85 in gift cards. I know others have earned a lot more, but I'm still thrilled. I do usually take the daily poll and print their coupons regularly, but I've not participated in other point-earning opportunities like surveys.

*I don't use Groupon a ton because we don't live near a major city, but I have gotten some good deals, and I'm interested to see what's offered even if I don't make a purchase.

*I've been using Ebates for a few years now. Like Swagbucks, it's a great way to earn a little something if you're making on-line purchases anyway. To start earning cash back, all you have to do is sign up for an account and then click on the store you want to browse via the Ebates site. Super easy!

I'm interested to hear if you are signed up (or not) for any of these programs, and how much you use them.


thehomespunheart said...

Hey Carrie,

Wow - $85 on SB? I checked my account and have earned $45 in Amazon cards - still not shabby :)

I rarely use Groupon either, but have gotten a couple of free ones due to referrals, I usually just email local friends when a good one comes up.

Ebates - I have signed up for this one but have never gotten a thing out of it and usually forget to use it.

Mom said...

I use Swagbucks daily and have earned $75 in Amazon cards. I do the daily poll, redeem coupons printed from the SB site, and search to earn points. Usually I spend these as fast as I get them, but I'm going to try to save them up for a bigger deal or for Christmas shopping. :)

I rarely use Groupon as the deals are often for things (or amounts) that I wouldn't use.

I shop through Ebates for things I was going to buy online anyway. I've received more than $125 in cash back since I signed up in 2009, and I don't shop that often!

Love you! Mom

Katie said...

Hi Carrie!

I appreciate you sharing these. If it weren't for you, I probably wouldn't have signed up for swagbucks a couple of years ago! I'm very grateful you mentioned that, as I've earned several amazon gift cards as well.

I am signed up for Groupon but have never used a deal!

I remember you telling me about Ebates years ago now ~ but sadly, I've never really looked into it.

Hope you have a great weekend! {Raining here}

Katie said...

One quick thing on swagbucks ~ along with the daily poll ~ I also recently starting doing the NOSO (No Obligation Special Offers). I thought it was something much more involved, but it's only about 5 or so clicks (click on the orange circle to start --> then click on all the "Skip Offers" at bottom [no need to type any info in]--> then type in code at end & submit = 2 swagbucks). You can do this daily! Very easy!

{You can find NOSO on the left side of the home screen on your "To-Do" list or under the "Discover" tab at the top.}

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