Monday, March 25, 2013

Stitch Fix

A month or so ago, I read a review about an on-line service called Stitch Fix that collects a clothing style profile and then sends you several pieces to try on at home. I was very intrigued, and since I've built up quite a savings in my fun money "account," I thought it would be fun to give this a try. (Clothing needs are paid for with our monthly clothing budget, but if I'm buying something that's more of a want, I use my fun money.)

I filled out the comprehensive but easy profile (In addition to size information, you rate various outfit and style examples.) and I was contacted a few weeks later to select the date I wanted to receive my box. Cool! When the package arrived (a day earlier than scheduled), I literally ran to open it. I was fascinated to pull out each of the 5 pieces. Two of them I immediately did not care for, but I tried everything on--and a couple of them I tried on multiple times. Ahem.

I know Monica is really curious for more specifics, and thought some of you might also be interested, so what follows is a lot of detail . . .

You pay $20 upfront for the "stylist fee," but you can put that towards purchasing anything in your box. If you elect to buy all 5 items, you get a 25% discount. However, I definitely experienced sticker shock when I saw the receipt--the cheapest item was $38, and the most expensive was $68! That is a lot more than I am used to paying for clothes, and I had no idea things would be so pricey. But I wanted to have fun with it, and as I said, I had money set aside that I was willing to use for this purpose. 

I gathered from the site that most boxes contain a piece of jewelry or other accessory, but I specifically asked to not have accessories included. I just don't wear them much. I was a little bummed to receive 5 shirts (and not have a skirt/pants/dress thrown in), but again it was an interesting thing to try.

Here were the contents of my Stitch Fix box (Sorry for the poor lighting and formatting!):

#1 Black v-neck polyester blouse--Had to put on a camisole underneath but I did like the look of the blouse. I did not like AT ALL, though, that the back hemline went past my rear. The sleeves rolled to half-way and button, which is a cool feature. This was one of two shirts I seriously considered.
#2 Gray French terry jacket--Immediately not a fan, and the sleeves were tight. I would never wear this.
#3 Eggplant jersey top--Not my normal "silhouette," but this is the one I opted to purchase. I tried it on multiple times. I don't love the wide neckline but it's super soft and surprisingly comfy, plus I adore the color. And it's cute!
#4 Ivory blouse--Also not a fan--see-through, not my fave color, and just not a style I like.

#5 Seafoam V-neck top--So-so, but not unique enough for $38! Also didn't love the fit or color.

I had three days to decide what to keep (or not) and mail back the prepaid envelope. Each clothing item has a tag attached that gives you two ideas (with photos) of how to wear it with other pieces.

I had a well-timed shopping trip planned during the 3 days of my box and wanted to look for something similar to #1, but with a better pricetag and hemline. Part of the fun of Stitch Fix is getting inspiration! I was surprised to find a nearly identical top on sale for $19. I decided to buy it because I had a gift card, and so I could compare it at home with it's more expensive twin. Upon comparing, the cheaper one was just that--cheap. Definitely not the quality of the first shirt, and it kind of "hung" on me and was static-y, which did not look or feel good. I decided to return both black shirts.

I also found a style similar to the dark purple shirt above as well (couldn't find a link to show you). It has short sleeves, and is a beautiful teal color. Plus, it was on clearance! In the end, I kept both the eggplant and teal shirts. They are cute and comfy, great colors, and a slight departure from what I would normally choose.(You can't tell from the pic that the purple shirt has dolman sleeves, not something I would usually try on.) So I'd consider two new shirts a success!

If you're interested in trying Stitch Fix, you can click here to fill out a profile. (This is a referral link, but NO pressure. I've been honest that it's pricey, and the only way I would consider doing SF again is if I earned some credit.)


Mom said...

Thanks for sharing details of this service and photos of what you received -- I like the purple top that you decided to keep. :)
Love you, Mom

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Carrie, John told me about this after seeing it on FB and after hearing me lament that I have NO style! He encouraged me to sign up, and like you I had some "mad money" to use so I did. However, I'm still on the wait list after having filled out my style profile. :(

I'm excited to try this but I am SO super picky about clothes. And I don't buy anything that's not on sale so even though I read that most items are on the pricey side, I'm sure I will struggle with paying for any item. Glad for your review here. I'll let you know how it goes for me.

Lisa said...

What a fun thing to do! You might be interested to know that as I was quickly scrolling through the pics without reading your comments about each top, I thought "Oh I hope she kept that one, it's so pretty and flattering!" when I got to the purple top. I went back and read your comments and was happy to read that you did, indeed, keep that one :) I'm not sure I would try something like this because my body type/shape is hard to fit...but it's fun to hear about your experience!

Nora said...

The eggplant jersey top looks awesome on you; definitely my fave of the fix, though I do like the way both blouses look on you too. (random internet stranger - I'm just looking at everyone's fixes online while I wait for my first one!)

thehomespunheart said...

I like the purple too! Thanks for the details! I will check and see if they have Petite sizing before signing up!

Katie said...

What fun, Carrie!! I have never heard of "Stitch Fix". You look cute in each picture ~ the eggplant shirt looks really comfortable in addition to being cute! The best part of each outfit is your smile. :-)

My taste in clothing has definitely changed a lot over the last decade or more. An experiment like this would be interesting for me, but I'm so not comfortable in newer styles ~ I seem to go back to the same ol' things. :-)

Now, if there was a service like this for new hairstyles, I would be game for sure!!! I have always struggled for as long as I can remember about fixing my hair ~ bangs, no bangs, layers, pull it back....I'm not creative at all in this area.

Well, this was fun, Carrie! Hope you are having a great week so far!


KellBell said...

Love the idea of having a site identify my style and making clothing suggestions. Not sure that I would be brave enough to have them actually sent sight unseen. I wonder if there is a sight that determines style and provides a list with pictures of items they'd suggest. Love the eggplant colored shirt too!

Carrie said...

Huh! That's a unique concept! I'm.....really rather curious!

that girl said...

Stumbled on your blog looking for different Stitch Fix results. Looks like we received similar tops in our first Fix.

Just got my second one the other day!