Monday, June 24, 2013


The above photo is a new favorite. The kids actually asked me to take it, which is pretty unusual. Love that I caught them in a moment of sibling revelry, rather than rivalry!

I've jotted down quite a few blog topics that I can't seem to get to, so instead of full posts for each, I decided to just write a brief paragraph on several of them and call it good! These are in random order:

1. Like many of you, I was surprised when G**gle announced they were retiring their reader program. I've used it for years and appreciated many of its features. Thanks to responses submitted on a friend's F*cebook post, I found out about Feedly. Though I am still getting acquainted with how it works, I am grateful I didn't have to re-add every blog subscription "by hand," as I'd anticipated. If you've learned any helpful tips about navigating Feedly, I'd love to hear them!

2. Recently I was sorting through some brochures and magazine articles I'd saved about pregnancy, newborns, etc. I am an information junkie and when we were expecting our first baby, I created file folders with headings such as "health and safety," "nutrition," etc. I sheepishly admit I never again referred to any of these articles I dutifully saved; in fact, I forgot all about them until a couple weeks ago. It was quite interesting rooting back through all these papers, all of which went into the recycling pile. One document that caught my attention, however, was 16 printed pages long, with a title of "How to Soothe Your Fussy Baby." My eyes scanned to the bottom of the page for a date: 12/26/06--just six days after Nathan was born. I had to smile. Remember me mentioning Nathan's temperament when he was younger? Boy, did that article bring back memories of the early days. We've come a long way since then! (Although Naomi has been quite fussy lately, which is unfortunately bringing it back more easily.)

3. I mentioned making homemade ice cream recently with our friend Brian. I was astounded when I compared the simple recipe we used (milk, cream and sugar) to the lengthy listing of funny-sounding ingredients on the brand I normally buy. And the homemade taste is way better! We may be putting one of those machines on our Christmas list!

4. For the second year in a row (and something I hope to continue), I had the kids fill out a survey of questions about Eric for Father's Day. Actually, stating kids in the plural sense is not accurate. Sadly, Nathan had a bad attitude about the questions so he did not end up doing one. But Natalie's answers cracked me up! I read the prompt to her and she responded with these gems (Her answers follow the prompt):

*Daddy is smart because . . .  he knows all things.
*It makes me happy when . . .  Daddy brings me candy from work.
*I really love it when my dad . . . gives me ice cream.
*If I could give my dad anything, I would give him . . .  M&M's

Do you notice a theme?! We also had a little scavenger hunt the kids helped me set up. The treasure was a snack they each picked out with their own money for Daddy to enjoy--Twizzlers and Oreos.

5. I recently re-read Mindset for Moms, and wanted to share this quote that stood out to me: "Most busy mothers {clearly this applies to people in general, not just moms} live with a running to-do list in our heads--the future constantly on our minds. But life unfolds one step at a time."

6. Speaking of books, I have a copy for a digital version of Jen Hatmaker's compelling and popular book, 7, which I read twice last year. If you are the first person to comment that you would like the book, I will email you the code to download a free copy.

7. In the ebb and flow of life, last week felt like a tidal wave when it came to medical situations. There was one day in particular when a friend was having surgery, my dad ended up in the hospital overnight, a dear friend called with a medical scare, another friend shared with me that her own dad has recently had a serious diagnosis, AND Naomi was sick with a cough and fever. Though I personally was not experiencing any illness, my heart was so burdened for these people I care about. Life is full of joys and blessings, but on this day, I felt like Moses when he needed someone else to lift his arms because he was too weak to press on. Thankfully, most of these situations have since had positive developments, but I am fervently praying for health and healing for those I love!

There you go--a compilation of several random things that have been on my mind. Have a good week, everyone!


Mom said...

Love the photo of Nathan and Natalie! :) And her responses to the Father's Day survey - cute! Didn't know about the reader issue, but glad you're finding a substitute. Love you! Mom

Katie said...

Hi Carrie! Nice to read this update from you ~ just got back from 1/2 week of camping.

I have been wondering what to do about the reader situation, but I think I'm going to add a few blogs to my blogger list perhaps? I looked at feedly and was a bit confused. =)

That's pretty neat that you made all those folders with clippings and just ran across them! Maybe something will be of help in its own timing with sweet Naomi.

Sorry to hear about all of the medical scares. I've been praying for your dad & family and will continue. I'm thankful for whoever the Lord sent to be a "Her" in your life during the difficult days. =)

Hope this week is full of sound health for those you love!

Katie said...

ha....meant "Hur" not "Her" =)

Anne said...

Hi Carrie!

For those looking into Feedly, I would encourage you to hang in there! I switched over to Feedly a few months ago, and now I enjoy that reading experience even more than Google Reader. I did have to set aside about 30 minutes to dig into the system, but they are doing a great job with the transfer and with continuing to integrate improvements! For those of you with smart phones, I am also a huge fan of the way the app syncs with the desktop feature. Makes reading on the go very simple. Anyway...all that to say, it's a great system once you dig in a bit. :-)

Also...I'm doing the 7 study with my Bible study group right now. Such a challenge! Loving it. Thanks for the update, Carrie!

Abbey said...

I would love the book if it's still available! Thanks so much! :-)

angie said...

Our life is full of snippets of information, so I could appreciate your format for this post.
I like the taste of homemade ice cream, but not the consistency or texture. I noticed that the new ice cream makers are designed to make smaller batches. I wonder if I would like those results better. What type of maker have you used?
I'm a self proclaimed info junkie too. I find that I rarely refer to printed material that I save, however. I did have a file titled "bucket list" in which I kept clippings about places-near and far-that we would like to visit. I can't find it anywhere!
I'm praying for your dad.

Kristin said...

Great picture!

I appreciate your input on Feedly. Hadn't given the reader thing much thought, though I know the deadline is approaching. Maybe I can switch and then you can tell me everything you know in a couple weeks! :-)

Praying for your dad and family!

thehomespunheart said...

Little miss sweet tooth - ha! Adorable! :)

I'm getting used to Feedly - I like how it looks better, and am finding it fairly simple for how I use it.

I passed on the ice cream maker when I had it because we didn't use it much and I thought the ice cream tasted like whipped cream too much - perhaps a different recipe?

Love the photo :)

Lisa said...

Hi Carrie - I already read "7" so I don't need the code...but I wanted to leave a comment anyway. I also clipped out tons of articles, tips, etc. when my oldest was a baby. And like you, I have not referred to any of it at all :) Just took up space in my reading basket until I recycled a whole stack last year. So funny that I'm not the only one!