Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Frugal accomplishments

*Made granola bites, snickerdoodles, berry muffins, and cream of chicken soup
*Continue to get goodies from our garden, including tomatoes, carrots, green beans and peppers
*Eric went out on two rainy evenings to dig up nightcrawlers in our yard to use for fishing. Since these cost $3.50 a dozen, this was a great money-saving idea.
*Thanks to my friend, Steph, I learned about a one-day airfare sale that enabled me to buy a ticket to fly to CO next month. I saved between $50-100 just for clicking through that link and switching my travel dates by one day.
*A friend gave me two loaves of bread she received for free.
*Used a store coupon to get free blueberries with purchase.
*I traded pheasant meat for sweet corn with a friend.
*A friend and I shared some deal ideas and coupons. I hope we'll do this more regularly!
*Received a free razor sample in the mail.
*Happened onto the end-of-season clothing bag sale at our local thrift store--I was able to fit 6 shirts, 2 pants, 2 hats, 2 new pairs of tights/socks, 7 clothing items for the girls AND my best find--a cute set of 8 brand new pairs of underwear for Natalie. The total cost for all that? $3! I was pretty pumped.
*Had a major deal outing to "the big city"--I filled a page with all the deals, but I'll just share some of the highlights here:
  • 8 high-quality pens for free using a sale and coupons
  • 4 packages of brand name diapers for $3-4 each (reg. $9.99), making the most of every strategy possible: sale, manufacturer's coupon, store coupon and the new Cartwheel program. Woo-hoo!
  • A razor for $1.59 (reg. $8.59) by stacking coupons
  • Purchased bonus packs of socks and underwear while they were on sale and with no tax
  • Lots of great school supplies deals, including glue and folders for one cent each, and 4 boxes of crayons for 63 cents total
  • Free guest admission to Sam's, where I ate lunch because there were so many great samples!
*Purchased a nice gift for Natalie to save for the future--originally $50, I paid just $5 via our on-line swap page.
*Lots of great deals on paper products, combining sales and coupons
*Picked some gorgeous zinnas from our garden to give a friend on her birthday
*Attended a free Zumba class--this is the 4th instructor I've had, and I was definitely the most sore after this one!
*Received an enormous zucchini, which I shredded. Want to know how much it produced? THIRTY cups of shredded zuke, so I gave some away, immediately made zucchini muffins and chocolate zucchini cake, and froze the rest in 2-cup portions.
*Took advantage of a promotion downtown where businesses handed out free hot dogs (some with fancy toppings) and watermelon.
*Something I've never mentioned is my everyday use of cloth napkins. I have a set I got for our wedding that I use the most, but I have a second set as well, and also a pretty Christmas set my grandma made. I use washcloths for the kids. Paper napkins are saved for picnics and parties.
*Had a very strategic grocery shopping trip in which the only item I paid full price for was a gallon of whole milk. The other 35 items I bought on that trip were all on sale and/or I had a coupon! I'm very proud of that. It does take time to check ads and coupons, but it's something I enjoy doing.
*A friend gave us two pairs of little girl shoes, and I bought a pair for $2 for Naomi's tiny feet now that she's WALKING!
*Purchased a vintage grain mill at a garage sale for a very good price. I hope to try it out soon! I've thought of getting one for a long time.
*Cooked a double batch of dried beans, and used half of them to make some freezer wraps, using leftover rice, beans, cheese, and a little salsa--all mixed together and spooned into tortillas. (I made 20 wraps for about $3!)
*Attended a farming festival and the kids got lots of free goodies, including, humorously, some potatoes that they dug up from a field. We're pictured with my great aunt. (I wore my new shirt, and I thought it was funny her shirt was so similar!)
*Used a code to order free photos
*Participated in a contest by a new local coupon blog. She showed a photo and a list of the 68 items she bought on a recent shopping trip and asked people to guess the total. I came in the closest, just 41 cents under the actual amount, and my prize was a big stack of coupon inserts!

I'd love to hear some of your frugal accomplishments!


Mom said...

Another great list of frugal accomplishments! :) Glad to see the photo of you and the children with Aunt Viv -- looks like you planned your coordinating tops!

I haven't been to the store this week, so I haven't gotten any good deals but I haven't spent any money either. :) We have picked some zucchini and green beans from our garden.

Love you, Mom

Wendi said...

That is quite a list! Here is my (small) list:

*free gallon of milk by downloading an e-coupon

*harvesting lots of cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden

*made homemade birthday cards for two upcoming parties

*sent off 7 books for paperback swap for just a little more then the cost of 1 book new

angie said...

WOW-wee! Your thrift store sounds superb. You seem to be always getting great finds there.
I've seen references to Cartwheel and it keeps showing up on FB, but I haven't tried it yet. All of the programs for Target are overwhelming to me!...Cartwheel, shopkicks, their own coupons.
I've fallen off of the bandwagon in terms of keeping a list, but here is a synopsis:
made all breakfasts and lunches in our room while on vacation
scored big deals at Walgreens last week on iced tea, school supplies, dental supplies, and some stocking stuffers!
my husband found some firewood being offered along the road. He brought it home and taught my son to chop wood.
bought a Schwinn bike for $40 at a yard sale. I looked it up and found the MSRP to be $490! It is perfect for my son.
I sold my son's former bike for $30on my local yard sale site.
I sold some fishing poles that were collecting cobwebs in our garage.
My neighbors sold their home and left their curbside FULL of treasures. I cannot even begin to list all of the items I rescued from the trash. Cleaners, laundry detergents, broom, ladder, 4 storage tubs, foils and wraps, candles, apron, band aids, and so much more.
Picking jalepenos and basil from my deck pots.
Picked 10 pounds of blackberries and have used them to make jam, fruit salad, and smoothies.

thehomespunheart said...

Interested to hear about your grain mill! Is it a hand crank? Please report on it once you've tried it! :)