Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A camo jam-o

With a father who is a dedicated deer and pheasant hunter, Nathan loves to play "hunting," so I thought camouflage would be a fun birthday theme for him.

Per our tradition, we woke Nathan up for breakfast in bed. He selected pancakes and sausage to start the day.

His class Christmas party happened to be that day, so I asked his teacher if I could come help, since it was Nathan's birthday. She asked me to come up with a couple games, so it was fun to have a hands-on role. I tried making camo RK treats for Nathan's class treat, but they turned out super- crunchy. I was really bummed, but thankfully had enough supplies for a second batch (normal this time, but with sprinkles), which Eric graciously offered to make.

After school, we invited a couple of Nathan's friends over to play. I thought it would be fun to make a camo cake. I mixed up small batches of chocolate, yellow and green (yellow cake with green food coloring) cake batter, and alternated spoonfuls in the pan. It looked cooler from the bottom, but it started to tear when I tried flipping it, so I decided to be content with this. Nathan is very picky about frosting, and I haven't exactly figured him out in that department. =) I know he loves cinnamon roll frosting, so I decided to just drizzle some of that on top. Super easy, and allowed the cake pattern to shine through.

I was excited I'd found camo plates and napkins (and half-off even!), and I ordered the snowman ornaments on-line as little favors for the boys.

For supper, he requested baked ravioli and garlic bread, followed by the remaining cake.

The party continued in Michigan, when Grandma and Grandpa treated Nathan and the rest of us to an outing at "Chuck's."

It was another fun round of birthday celebrations!


thehomespunheart said...

I want a report this afternoon on that cake! How hard, etc... considering that for Samuel's b'day as well. Also, where did you find the plates and cups?!

Looks like a fun time!

Mom said...

Glad Nathan had a happy birthday! Fun ideas for celebrating. :) (I remember going to Chuck E. Cheese for his second birthday, too!) Love to all, Mom

angie said...

The cake was a brilliant idea! All of this must require careful advance planning so close to Christmas!
Now that my son loves Duck Dynasty, he has camo clothing items, etc for the first time.

Linds said...

The cake looks so fun! I love the breakfast in bed idea. What a special day for him!

Carrie said...

I approve of his birthday menu. (A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) And the cake turned out awesome!