Friday, January 10, 2014

Winter wonderland

We certainly had a white Christmas this year! It snowed several times during our visit to Michigan. Before it turned bitter cold, we took advantage with several sledding outings. It was Naomi's first time, and she LOVED it.
Eric and I go out on a Christmas date each year, and we decided to wait until our trip. We went to a famous local garden and enjoyed their beautiful international tree displays. We then went to see this movie, based on a book we both devoured a couple years ago. Though the subject matter is difficult, we both thought the movie was well-done and were glad we could see it together. After that, we went out for a delicious Mexican dinner (my fave), followed by free ice cream using coupons I'd printed. It was such a fun evening!

We went on several fun family outings, including ice skating at an outdoor (free!) rink. The first half was pretty rough, but after a long break to clear the ice, the kids perked up for a second attempt.
One of the highlights of our trip was serving breakfast at the local Ronald McDonald House. We were blessed to stay in two different houses after Naomi's premature birth, so that organization is close to our hearts. It was so neat to do this with family members! (In addition to Eric's mom--who volunteers regularly at RMH--two of my brothers-in-law came along, as well as my future sister-in-law.)
 As usual, it was fun to see the cousins interact, and there were lots of fun memories made with them! Most of those pictures were on another camera, so I may have to do a separate post soon.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had so much fun in the snow. Pictures are GREAT.
Also glad you could serve a meal at RMH, That was neat.
Thanks for sharing.
Love you, Grandma

Mom said...

I wish I could have heard Naomi's squeals of delight as she sledded! :) Glad you had fun...
Love you, Mom

Speaky1013 said...

Super fun pics! That one of Naomi and Eric's dad is super cute! And you and Eric look great in that date pic! And...I can't believe you made that camo thing for are ah-mazing.

love you!

thehomespunheart said...

How fun! I can just picture and hear Naomi enjoying the sledding! Ice skating looks neat too and there is snow everywhere - winter wonderland indeed :)

Unknown said...

Fun pictures Carrie! I haven't been on your blog for awhile! But I just spent some time looking through pics and love your beautiful pics of the kids! How big they all are since we went to the park! Blessings to you! Jamie