Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A loving home

This past Sunday, our church honored the graduating high school seniors in our congregation. Each year, a booklet is compiled with each student's photo, what they love about their family and our church, and a brief description of their future plans.

As I read through the booklet, I was so touched by what one student wrote that I started crying, and I remained choked up for much of the service. Though I haven't spent time with this student in a long time, she was one of the girls in the middle school Bible study I co-led for three years, which perhaps made her words even more poignant.

So what did she say that had such power over me? Here is an excerpt of what she wrote about her family:

"We love each other no matter what, and stick up for each other. I could not be more blessed to have grown up as a -------- (her last name), the family traditions we share and memories we have made, are just a symbol of our unity. The love that permeates our home is felt every time I walk in the door, and I am proud of be part of a family that loves like mine does."

Those are powerful words, and I think they hit me so hard because they articulate what I hope my own children would say about our home. And yet, my shortcomings are ever before me. Though I know this young woman's parents aren't perfect, I often feel I fall so short of who I want to be as a mom. These words are a reminder to me of my main objectives in being a mom--to love my children and provide them with a loving home environment, to teach them, to help them grow.


thehomespunheart said...

I frequently see my short comings and ways I am failing, that is one of the things that jumped out to me the most from the Mom's Night Out movie. When Allie and Bones are sitting in the lobby of the police station - she pours out that she does not feel like enough. And, he tosses back, "Enough for who?" It is usually myself that I am not enough for - I am enough for God as I am who He made me. He can/will use and strengthen me for the journey and is Lord of the outcome. I definitely hear what you are saying - and, you are doing a great job!

Speaky1013 said...

Carrie Lea, I'm so glad that touched you! YOU are your hardest critic! Believe me, your heart and gifts as a mom FAR SURPASS the expectations placed on you. I have no doubt your children will experience even more love [than that graduate expressed] from you and Eric as they grow up!!

Maggie said...

It is increasingly difficult to be a Christian living in American culture. Don't let the culture undermine your confidence in raising children who know the Lord, Carrie. I heard a sermon stating that parents are only responsible for telling our children who God is and He takes care of the rest. God bless you in preparing the next generation!

Mom said...

This is indeed a moving tribute to your young friend's family. No parents are perfect but love covers a multitude of imperfections - and I hope that your strongest memory of your own childhood is that you were (and still are!) loved no matter what. You are a very good mother (as is Monica) and I'm proud of you both for the way you are raising and loving our six beautiful, precious grandchildren! Love you, Mom