Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Frugal accomplishments

Here are my frugal accomplishments from the past two weeks:

*Purchased a pair of tights on clearance for 97 cents (reg. $8.99)
*Received free sample of shampoo in the mail
*Attended a kids' library program about gardening--Natalie was able to plant 4 kinds of seeds to bring home, and three of them sprouted before a week had passed!
*Scored several great deals on cereal, using combinations of sales, coupons, and C51 (Best was 2 boxes for 50 cents each--reg. $2.75)
*Other grocery deals: name brand mac and cheese for just 40 cents a box (reg. 99 cents), lemonade mix for just 50 cents, a pound of deli ham for $1.88
*Received appreciation gift certificates--Eric received $75 to the local hardware store in appreciation for 15 years of service at the college, and I was surprised with a generous restaurant certificate as a token for my efforts in starting a college potluck ministry at our church this past year. Eric's already used part of his to buy some gardening supplies.
*Snagged a free box of muffin mix through SavingSt*r
*Received half-off the price of my pizza buffet on Mother's Day
*Made apple muffins, pumpkin bread, and corndog muffins
*Bought some sandals for Naomi for $2
*Attended a free dress rehearsal performance of a local musical that Eric's boss was participating in (Regular price tickets are $15 each, not to mention the cost of a babysitter!)
*Scored lots of goodies left behind by college students, including some brand new stuff that I'll put in shoeboxes, and a stack of cute clothes
*Eric mentioned to his brother that we needed to get our brakes fixed on our car. Ryan shared that he'd fixed his own brakes one time, and they decided to tackle it together. Eric had already priced the labor with a mechanic, and it would have cost $100. Also, Ryan was aware of a rebate at the auto parts store, which saved an additional $25 on the parts! It took them just over an hour, and I think they might have even had fun. =) Major win!
*Stopped by a local thrift store after seeing their $2 bag sale ad in the newspaper. I love it when that comes around! I got 17 items, including three clothing pieces for others that are not pictured.
*Eric picked some mint (for tea) and rhubarb from the community garden. I used some of the rhubarb and some of our frozen diced apples from last fall to make a crisp for a friend celebrating a birthday.
*Nathan had a coupon for a free treat at our annual festival that he earned from bringing B*x Tops to school.
*We hosted friends for supper two nights in a row and I made frugal but filling meals--the first night was chilly and I served potato soup with bread and salad; on the second night, I made a pan of pheasant enchiladas (this was a group who appreciates local meat, not everyone does!) and a dish of homemade mac and cheese. I also served homemade applesauce and our favorite summer salad. A couple others brought sides to round out the meal, and we served water to drink. I spent less than $10 and this was a meal for 10 people, which I think is pretty impressive, especially since we were all stuffed and there were leftovers of every dish. It truly is possible to host others without spending a fortune!
*Eric and Nathan received free tickets to an indoor arena football game. (Thanks, Ryan!) It was a last minute thing, but the details worked out, and they had a great time.
*A friend gave us a couple tomato plants and some diaper coupons.
*I stopped by the bread outlet and purchased 4 packages of bread for under $4.
*Today I am going on a field trip with Nathan's class. I am so excited as this is my first time to be able to go along. As a chaperone, I don't have to pay the admission fee to the science center where we're going. And a friend and I are swapping childcare (she's going on her daughter's field trip later this week), so there is no cost in that. Woo-hoo!
*Last but not least, we were very blessed when some neighbors who go to our church offered us their well-loved swingset. We don't have an ideal spot in our yard, but it's something we'd been thinking about getting, and we so appreciate them thinking of us! The kids are super-excited to have a "park" (Naomi's term) in our own yard. It needs a little work, but we couldn't beat the price. =)

I'd love to hear about your recent frugal activities--thank you for commenting!


Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

WOW! Great 2 weeks for you! I have the past two weeks posted on my blog. My most recent though was gallon milk for 69¢!! My son bought several for all the baking we are doing for his wedding. It was marked down out of date milk, but that doesn't matter when making cornbread and hamburger buns.

I want to say "thank you" for your potluck ministry. Even though my son didn't benefit from yours, I am so thankful to the people who do this. His church did and it means so much to me as a mom knowing my son got a wonderful home cooked meal each month, esp since he went to school 5 hours away.

We've been eating lots of rhubarb and wild asparagus that grows on our place.

thehomespunheart said...

That's great, Carrie - especially the playground :)

Let's see - Friday we went to Garden of the Gods {free} and took a picnic lunch {free}, used Kohl's cash and a 20% off coupon plus an early bird sale to get a new jean jacket for me for less than $2! Mom gave us a cute sticker book from her stash and I put a thing of lotion I had been given together for a little birthday gift for a party on Saturday.

We've stayed home two days in a row {plus will today as well} while our car gets fixed instead of extra running around or a rental car that we'd have to pay part of.

Went to a used homeschool book sale last night and spent less than $30. One of the items would've been $35 brand new and I ended up with two games, two sets of audio stories, three books and a workbook that was free.

Mom said...

Another impressive list of frugality!! :)

My favorite recent deals were a free package of Pillsbury slice-and-bake cookies and a new pair of jeans from Kohl's for a few dollars combining a sale, 20% discount, and the last of a gift card. I was also going to mention our Garden of the Gods picnic, which I see Monica mentioned in her comment. :)

I love seeing how God provides our needs and many of our "wants" by making these opportunities available. Way to watch for them! Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

This has been a good week for frugality in our world with the biggest one being able to buy a car for our daughter. The man who sold it to us is a friend of my husband's, and just sold it for cost; it was a college student's car who just got a new one. :) I also picked up 2 books for my son for just a dime a piece at the library book sale and found the last of a trilogy that I owned 2 of for myself. I took home 2 baskets that were getting thrown away at work. Also, I work at a college, and a student needed hours for his exercise science degree, so he is providing personal training for my son and I for free!


angie said...

Your list is so comprehensive, including ways in which you saved money by buying and also by not buying. How do you keep track of your frugal accomplishments until you are ready to post them?
I did plenty of research before getting new tires on my van. They weren't cheap, but I think I got the best deal. There are so many surprise charges on auto repairs!
Found a box of 48 pencils for .50 at Staples clearance. Perfect to include in shoeboxes.
Also at Staples- found ice scrapers with attached warm mitts for $1 each. Bought several for co-worker Christmas gifts.
With sales and 2 coupons, got sugar snap peas, cantaloupe, 3 pears, and strawberries for $2 at Target
Lots of Coke lids at baseball games
Free dinner at CFA for my daughter and me: grilled chicken sandwich gift card given to me when we went to Mother's Day breakfast there and a free sandwich from completing a survey on my receipt.
We also found lots of treasures when the college kids moved out: Razor scooter, large sheets of construction paper, unopened groceries including Quaker oatmeal packets, box of saltines, and cans of root beer.
My kids hosted a yard sale and raised money for shipping shoeboxes.
Realized that Dollar Tree accepts mfr coupons and carries the brand of deodorant that my husband and son use. Scored 1 free stick with coupon.
Combining kiosk coupon, B1G1 sale, and 2 peelie coupons, I scored 2 expensive deodorants for $1.29 total.
On the day I noticed that our Tums had run out, I got a sample off them in the mail.
Can't remember the last time I bought copy paper because we recycle paper and print on the back side. When we need a clean sheet, we use from the stash of new paper.
Made more stain remover using ingredients I have on hand.

George and Jodi said...

I love reading these posts on your blog. Our best frugal accomplishment this month was a visit to Jimmy John's restaurant. We bought cheap sandwiches and we were given a whole box of "day old" bread as we left because they were about to throw it away! So the bread basically paid for the sandwiches...awesome!