Monday, June 2, 2014

Frugal accomplishments

Here are my frugal accomplishments from the past two weeks:

*Made a double batch of rhubarb apple crisp--one pan for us, the other for a friend who's moving away
*We'd been missing a kid's library book for a couple weeks. I was able to renew it to buy more time, but was quite bummed to learn that the replacement fee was more than the cost of the book itself. I looked everywhere I could think of and was unsuccessful, so I told the kids that if either of them found it, I would pay 50 cents. Nathan was very motivated to look, and he found it behind and under one of our couches. Win-win. I'm just glad we found it!
*Grocery deals: tortilla chips for 75 cents/bag (!), pepperoni for $1.29/pkg., name brand crackers for $1.38/box, Cheerios for $1.28/box, two loaves of day-old bread for 70 cents each
*Mixed a batch of orange vinegar for cleaning (I use it on floors--I put several orange peels in a jar of vinegar and let it sit for a couple weeks.)
*Ground a batch of wheat flour
*We needed some kind of outdoor carpet for the platform of our new swing set. It was quite pricey when Eric checked at a couple stores. He then had an idea that one of the dorms is being torn down, and he asked if he could have the large mat from inside the front door. It has rubber backing and is extremely heavy. We were thrilled to find a no-cost solution!
*I had a $5 code to a pizza place, plus we used an on-line coupon, which made for a very inexpensive takeout supper for the 5 of us. (Thanks, K, for your ordering help!)
*I purchased a Gr*upon for half-price mini golf. The kids were super-excited about it, but it was a pretty challenging course, so it was only fun about half the time. But Naomi loved her little plastic club! And we tried something new--for half the cost.
*Snagged a free box of gelatin thanks to SavingSt*r
*By stacking coupons, I got a can of mousse for just 56 cents, and also a great deal on diapers.
*The girls needed new flip-flops, and I got them each a pair for $1 during a one-day special
*Eric broke his fishing reel and wanted to get it replaced at the local sporting goods store where it was purchased. The guy said they didn't make that kind anymore, and gave him a new upgraded one for free!
*We used a coupon for a buy one, get one free sandwich to have a picnic with the girls. I packed our own drinks, grapes and chips, which was a considerable savings over the $1.99 they were charging for tiny bags of chips!
*We attended a free outdoor concert.
*Made granola.
*Nathan had earned a coupon from school for a free dessert item at a local restaurant, so that made for a fun outing the other night.
*We went with some friends to a really cool (and free) nature center we'd never been to before.
*Eric needed a very small part to replace something on our car. He was able to find what he needed at a junk yard, and the guy didn't even charge him for it. Plus, Eric plans to do the work himself. Wahoo!
*We used a discount certificate to have a fun, inexpensive, and rare lunch out as a family.
*I went to the consignment store, and used my store credit to purchase some new clothing items we needed.
*I made a double batch of banana zucchini bread
*I gave haircuts to Eric and Nathan

I'd love to hear about your recent frugal activities!


kajr said...

I just found out about Maybe your local bowling alley participates.

angie said...

Do you have rhubarb growing in your yard? My mom has a source for it, but I don't know of anyone in my area who grows it. I love rhubarb sauce!
I asked fb friends for coupons to the hair salon where my boys get their hair cut. 3 coupons =$21 in savings.
Our library has a perpetual used book sale for .25 each. Last week I found an American Girl how-to book for my daughter.
Biking has been my main source of transportation for the past few weeks. Today I biked to my dentist appt.
Aldi has a cart full of quality toys left from Easter for $1 each! I picked up 6 play doh sets, 1 watch, and a Little People set. Great for gifts or shoebox additions.
At Target, combining sales, mfr coupons, mobile coupons, cartwheel~ mac&cheese .02, mascara $2, 1.5# grapes, 6 kiwi, 1# jalapeƱos, romaine for $4.70
At CVS, 3 toothpaste and big bag of Twizzlers for $4. Toothpaste is one of the items that I will only buy a brand name, so that is a good deal!

thehomespunheart said...

I cut both girls hair.
We packed breakfast and lunch for our first road trip day.
Used my new phone to lookup places we were going shopping and was able to combine with a teacher discount with my homeschool membership card for savings at Current and Penneys. Got my hair cut while still in Colorado and mom and dad babysat! Spent a day retreat at the Glen. Played at the park and at friends homes for fun free entertainment. Borrowed mom and dads tent for family vacation instead of needing to buy one. Free parking today by taking or tickets in for validation.

Mom said...

Used discount admission coupons for the North Pole with Monica and littles, and received 1/2-price coupons to go back when you're here. Took a picnic lunch with us to save buying lunch in the park.

Earned 70 cents/gallon discount on gas through a special promotion at Safeway.

Love you! Mom