Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Frugal accomplishments

Whew, it's been a full couple of weeks. Lots going on, and lots of thrifty stuff in the mix!

*Received free mouthwash sample in the mail
*Eric used a coupon for a free fast food taco and redeemed another offer for B1G1 tacos--so three tacos for the price of one!
*I stopped by the thrift store and all clothes happened to be half-price. I found a couple things for the kids.
*Combining a sale and coupons, I got 2 free packages of marinade mix and 2 boxes of Rice Kr*spies
*Other grocery deals: bananas on sale for 38 cents/lb. + C51, salad dressing for 67 cents combining sale and cpn
*Made hummus and RK treats
*Eric was once again invited to take an extra spot on a college golf outing--a pretty sweet freebie, especially since lunch was included!
*Got a great deal on diapers, combining a sale price, coupons, and a rebate offer. This is the best diaper deal I'd gotten in a long time and I was pumped!
*For signing up for the library's reading program, we've each gotten to pick out a free book from some designated shelves. We're all participating and turning in our minutes periodically. Nathan has earned quite a few prizes already.
*My grandma went through her craft supplies and came up with a box-full that she no longer wanted. Monica and I got to sort through and bring some things home.
*We redeemed coupons for two free mini pizzas, and I had a rewards credit to order some breadsticks for myself.
*We attended a local event that featured free inflatables, pony rides, balloon animals and a petting zoo. There was also a parade, and the kids brought home a bag filled with candy and other goodies.
*I used a discount pass to see a movie, and a friend whose kids I've watched a lot lately returned the favor.
*Made banana muffins and blueberry coffee cake
*I purchased discount passes for my kids to go to a play gym with friends at half the regular price
*We attended a free nature program through a local state park. They had crafts, games, a hike and even a snack.
*I purchased a sweater for $5 from a closet sale my friend was having to raise money for an adoption.
*We've gotten two batches of spinach from our garden. Woo-hoo!
*We went to a free concert featuring a children's choir from Africa. They were precious!
*When I consulted my library slip, I noticed it said I had a $2 fine. I was bummed but set out the money. However, as I thought through when it said I'd checked the item out, I realized it was impossible because we were in KC at the time. Our library has recently updated their systems, and I have had several problems regarding items I've checked out. When I realized it was their error, I called to explain the situation and the fine was erased from my account. I'm glad I took the time to think it through.
*Thanks to a one-day sale and coupons, I got four boxes of name brand fruit snacks for just 50 cents each. (reg. $2.99!!)
*An older couple from church offered to watch our kids so we could take advantage of a restaurant certificate without spending money on babysitting. (They were at the church dinner when the pastor gave me a certificate in thanks for my work on the college potlucks.) We were so touched by their thoughtfulness, and the kids had a great time at their house.
*A friend gave us a bike helmet for Naomi that her daughter only wore a couple times before outgrowing it. It's super-cute and I was needing to find a new one for Naomi anyway!
*Eric took the kids to a free fishing event. Lunch was supposed to be provided, but they had to end things early due to storms. The kids had fun, anyway, and both came home with some prizes of new tackle.
*I proctored a test on campus, and will receive ample compensation for my time. (I was there for just over 4 hours, but I was able to read an entire book in between announcements and monitoring.)
*I scored a free box of crackers thanks to a promotional coupon.
 *For Father's Day, we went to an old-school ice cream shop. where I had a discount certificate. There's a small mini golf course there, too. They charge a nominal fee to use their equipment, but we brought our own and paid nothing.
*Lastly, I received a fun surprise when trying to return an item I'd ordered on-line. I was bummed to realize that I'd ordered the wrong size of the item, and I clicked around checking out the return process to see how much shipping I'd have to pay to exchange sizes. I was shocked when a little message popped up that said, "Thanks for being a loyal customer. This return is on us and you can keep the item." I had to read it several times to be sure I'd understood correctly. I had! The company refunded my money, and I can keep the item I ordered. Woo-hoo!

Please tell me about your thrifty ventures--I'd love to hear!

A couple other things: It doesn't look like I'll be getting to the second round of photos from our KC trip. We are heading into two big weeks of family stuff, and I'm not sure if or when I'll have a chance to blog.


thehomespunheart said...

I will have plenty of KC photos up on Thurs/Fri of this week :)

As for thriftiness:
Got one gallon of milk and seven boxes of cereal for $9.86 including sales, Saving Star, and coupons.

Found $40 cash on the sidewalk at the library yesterday. I left my name and number in case anyone reports it missing.

Sharing a babysitter with a friend this week, helps us both out and we can split the cost.

Picked blueberries and green beans in the garden plus two strawberries and hydrangeas!

Made white dipped pretzels for David using fifty cents worth of pretzels and almond bark I had in the pantry. I was able to make a ton for fifty cents and that amount would've probably been $10 at the store!

Brought my lunch to a church retreat on Sat instead of buying the $7 box lunch.

Sharing rides with friends for the Practicum this week. We are trading driving to save gas plus it is more fun!

Mom said...

Well done!

My best deal recently was four 12-packs of the best drink ever invented for $4! (It was on sale for 4/$10 and I had two $3 coupons.)

Thinking of you this week and looking forward to seeing you next week! Love you, Mom